Pictures of Broncohat Customers Page. I will use their first name or Nickname with a comment. I will add pictures as they come in. Thank you, Marv

When this picture downloaded, I gained 40% of my lungs back! Now I know why Texas Truck Drivers are in a hurry to get back home, but you need a Crownline Boat.

Annette, Sheryl & Jackie

Thank you Ellie and I hope your dog doesn't eat straw.

Cricket Mills
Mills Quarter Horses & Spring Creek Livestock
10,000 acre ranch in the Black Hills of WY. We love your hats all year long.

Daniel ~ ~ Makawao, HI


Pete, Mission Veljo, CA ~ 20 year Shady Brady Owner, with his new hat.
Pete, "I didn't realize how old the subject under the hat really looked." Marv, "Looks like you still have afew irons in the fire. Good looking Cowboy under that Shady Brady."

Hey there, Marv! Donna's daughter here. We got out Shady Brady hats yesterday and absolutely love them! I've only taken mine off to sleep so far. Here's the picture my mom promised you of us wearing them. We look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Thanks so much! Annie

Hello Marv!
I bought several hats from you when we lived in Odessa, TX. Now we're back in Fort Stockton, TX and building another house. I love all my hats I've bought from you, but this Shady Brady is the best hat ever. It's just a hard working hat that never lets me down. Just what I need in West Texas. Keep up the great work.
Ann ~ Fort Stockton, TX

My Aunt Fran, still lovely at 91, at our stable, the Dusty Boots Corral. Her hair was a bit messy and I figure anyone looks better in a Shady Brady. I took off my hat with the custom band you'd made and plopped it on her head. It's her favorite picture of herself in the last 20 years or so and the one she sends to friends and relatives.
Hey Marv,
I got a new Shady Brady hat from you a few years ago and you made a custom hat band for an old one I had at the same time. We talked awhile and I WISH I could remember your dad's name, as your story about the black stallion showing up on the hill during your dad's funeral (as he had said he'd return) and the Indian saying only Old Man Guy France rides that horse still pleasantly haunts me. ANYWAY, I've been wearing my Shady Brady every day for a few years now and it's gotten pretty lopsided on top where the straw has broken down and now the hurricane strap pulls right through the hat. I need a new hat or two with nice heavy rough out braided hurricane straps, but don't need any bands as those are still perfectly good. Would you give me a price on one ventilated Western and one unventilated Western both in light and both with good hurricane straps but no bands. Thanks. KAT ~ Yucca Valley, CA

Hello Kat,
Yes, the story was of my father Guy France, who died at the age of 57. He told me when they buried him a Jackass will bray and he will ride over the hill on a Black Stallion.
Well, at the funeral the Preacher that had been in the Church and had married and buried people in Piru, Calif. as long as I could remember. They had to hold him up. He was tell us about our history and ower family, my great Uncle, who was a Captain of a Four Master. Well about that time a Jackass started Braying and we all laughed and then a Black Stallion appeared running over the hill and reared up over cemetery and turned and run over the hill kicking up his hind legs and farting. I asked Jack Warring if he had ever seen that Black Stallion before and he answered that he knew every animal in the county and he had never seen him before. Well I was fishing and things changed and I was not fishing anymore, so I knew alot of fisherman and started buying their fish and selling in L.A. and selling some on my way home. This was about a year after my father past away. I was going by Piru and swung by to pay my respects to my father. I got up to the Cemetery and I saw Old Louie setting in a chair, leaning back against an old Pepper Tree, wearing one black slipper & a brown slipper and 20 dogs running around. I pulled up aside him and stayed in the truck with the window down I said, "Hi Louie. Do you know who I am." He said, "I know who you are". I asked Louie if he had seen the Black Stallion and he looked at me and said, "You will never see that Black Stallion, Guy France is riding him".

Iris, NJ by way of Cancun

Michele, Brighton, MI

Anthony B., Cheltenham, England

Gael, AZ

Michele & Son, Australia

 Hi Marv, hope all is going well for you. I wanted to thank you again for the incredible refurbishing job you did on my 17-yr old Double-Vented Shady Brady. I just can't get over how you made that old hat look like new again, and even patched the hole and fixed the places where the wire was coming out of the brim. You are a true artiste!

I'm attaching a few pictures of my trip to the Grand Canyon wearing the new Shady Brady with the beautiful hat band you designed for me. Several pics show me riding a sweetheart of a mule to the bottom of the canyon, where we spent the night at Phantom Ranch, and one shows me and my husband on our mules about half way back up. The trip exceeded my expectations! I wore the hat every day, and the hat will always be part of this special trip. So, thanks again Marv! All the Best, Diana ~ Iowa City, IA

Lindsay & Dad, sporting their Shady Brady's in Shell, Wyoming

Russell, Massachusetts  *  Sending picture in New Hat?

Hay Marv I just wanted to tell you that straight out of the box that hat fit like a glove!
Your the best in the business ! I will send you a couple of pictures. Thanks again, John, MN


Hey Marv.. here's how CUTE a Shady Brady can look on a 10 year old!!!!
Thanks so much for all your help! Lee Aunty M.... thanks for the birthday wish!! xoxo Lee

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